With Brotherly Love

Frate Sole is a family operation producing high quality and healthy extra virgin olive oil in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our north star is a prosperous enterprise that yields healthy and world-class olive oil in a flourishing ecosystem that will be worked and enjoyed by our children’s children.

At Frate Sole (aka Brother Sun), we think of Sister Rain and Mother Earth as our business partners.   We do not use artificial chemicals or fertilizers.  We plant cover crops to naturally increase the fertility of the soil. And we judiciously irrigate with a drip system.

We graded the orchard and surrounding pastures to restore seasonal wetlands.  The captured winter runoff provides habitat and replenishes the aquifer.  We replanted native oaks, which along with the olive trees, provide abundant nesting opportunities for a variety of birds.

For product information and prices go to Get Your Hands on Frate Sole or call 916.712.7059.

For a seasonal summary of what we are up to, go to the Grower’s Journal, and check out Honors and Mentions for award and other news.

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